Friday, 11 May 2012

Don't forget to play!

We invented, or maybe just reinvented for ourselves, this great game which I just called FOUR LINES GAME. After three very cold and quite intensive days in London we sat in that pub next to the canal in Camden and played this: One of the couple draws something in just four lines and the other one guesses what it is. For us it were only things, situations etc. connected with that three days in London. If the guess is wrong, the first player draws four more lines, the second one guesses again and so on and on. Each set of four lines means one point - more points you collect, less successful you are. G. won, by just one point, which almost doesn't count, does it?

It is not just fun and couple-gluing-lovely-time-wasting-best-consumed-with-beer game, but also a way to remind and remember some great, inspiring or pleasant moments, to capture them and get some adrenalin of the competition in your veins. 

If you try, let me know! I've written down the correct answers of our game - the global warming was a hard one, that's where I lost it! 

And, I came back home with some wonderful books which G. bought for me in Tate, bless this trifolino! 
Both are great, check:


And another book came with me in my cabin suitcase, the third one in my small collection:

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