Sunday, 29 January 2012


La nostra casetta nella foresta, our gamekeeper's house, Hájenka, the best and the most scary place in the whole World. Nothing but forest and wild animals (like mice etc.) and creepy gamekeepers around. And the ghost of a Dead Doe and purely invented WWII stories... HÁJENKA!

Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Here is some of my little handwork from a book for children by Lauren Myracle called 14 (Čtrnáct) published by JOTA.

When I see the sunglasses I think of summer and sea and I cannot wait for it! Winter be gone, spring come and take us to your older sister summer!

© Nakladatelství JOTA, s.r.o.

Sunday, 22 January 2012


As a result of the inspiration taken from yesterday's talk on Skype with G. I proudly present Mr. Golem, the Gloom Fighter! He smells as lavender and has a strong protecting power (you see how he's protecting a plate full of Šunta's delicious pancakes - he wasn't successful this time though).

And a little house to keep your coin for a supermarket trolley...

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Goblin of Prague

Sometimes the talks with my boyfriend are so inspiring. Like when we talk about faith or moral standards.
Sometimes they make me angry. Like when we talk about herbal medicine.
Sometimes they make my cry while smiling. Like when we talk about our dreams for future.
And sometimes... sometimes they make me laugh to death...

G: You can draw that mysterious goblin of Praha.
Z: Co? Do u mean Golem?
G: Ah, yes, Golem.


Z: ...and there is the famous Czech film festival in Karlovy Vary.
G: Ah. Where is it?
Z: In west Bohemia. It is a spa city.
G: Hm. And why does it have an Italian name?
Z: ???
G: You said it is called Carlo Vivari.
Z: ...

And just a little doodle for today...

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Spinaci Mini Muffins

Jummy jummy, new recipe!

Spinaci Mini Muffins with Italian cheese and bacon! Once made with parmigiano reggiano (brought by G. from Italy, as always), second time with my favourite pecorino. I am so happy that the design was approved by Salli for! Thousands thanks to Šunta for her professional supervision and grazie mille to G. for bringing the best pecorinko calabrese!

Monday, 16 January 2012

A girl who played with a pencil

There was a girl with a very special power. What she drew became real. She drew a plate full of cookies and the plate appeared on her table. She drew ten cute kittens and suddenly the room was filled with meows and mňaus. She drew a perfect prince for herself, and guess who knocked on the doors? 

But her teeth got rotten because she never went to brush them after she ate the sweets in her bed. And her room smelled as a squat because she wasn't able to take care of all the cats. And the perfect prince was a man as transparent and erasable as the paper and pencil that made him come alive. 

Could she draw white and shining teeth? Could she draw a tidy room with no sign of a cat poo? Could she draw a man with a real human heart? She couldn't. Because you can never easily erase your mistakes as you do when you draw with pencil, as life is always drawing with a solid ink, wax pastels, aquarelles or oils, depending on the situation. But rarely with a pencil.

She could though draw a tooth brush, ten packets of Catsan plus cat toilet boxes and a lovely dress that she would sport at lovely days when all the princes are out hunting, hoping her future man would find her on his ways. 

A very close person of a friend of mine is seriously ill and I believe she will get better. I don't have any special power but I hope that every prayer, even the drawn one, counts...

Monday, 9 January 2012


G. told me he doesn't like the colours of the nail polishes I am usually using. And neither those of my sister. We love pink, often quite strange tones of it (like fuchsia or that crazy luminescent 90's leggings pink), while he prefers the French manicure, the classical carmine red or... or (quite shockingly!): "And why don't you put there some pictures, like little flowers here or there, little glass stones..."

Darling, I will never use those little prefabricated pictures unless they are made by Vendula Chalánková. Because from them it is just a little step to artificial nails and toupées.

But because my point finger on the left hand still looks and feels like a creepy zombie's finger after two unsuccessful burials (due to my flight over the stairs), I treated it and another two with some little drawings. Mine, at least for now. Now I just need to figure out how to draw them on the right hand nails... Happy day to all pinkies!