Wednesday, 28 December 2011


PROUDLY I say that I am 29 and I play with LEGO. Well, I played two days ago for the first time after something like fifteen years, but anyway. Me and my sister - instead of doing something grown up and meaningful - found a box with our old Lego and spent all evening building houses. 

Mine was perfect - there was a tiny but nice flat with a bedroom, toilet and a kitchen. There were two other parts of the house - a private neurological office for G. and a big studio with huge French windows for me. And a garden with flowers, trees, a table with a parasol and two street lamps with a fence. Everything in red and white with blue accents.

Then there was the indescribable house of my sister. Two storey duck-looking something in all colours our Lego set can offer with an outside bar, palm trees and a horse. On a beach. There was also a parrot. And a cook and a woman without head happily drinking one cocktail after another. 

And then it happened. I asked Šuna if she would like to make a photo story in our wonderful setting. She said she would. After more than one hour of photo shoot I took the reins and finished the story. Now we just need to sit down and put it all together. All I can say is that it is inspired by Dexter and all the crime films and novels we have ever met. It is a brutal, tragic, romantic and completely predictable story of a murder (well, not just one). I can't wait to work on it!

The killer struck... Does this hand belong to Šuna?

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Kočičky / Cats

Christmas is over, but we still have around 7 kg of potato salad left!

Also the cats behave Christmasy - they are all the time around, letting us cuddle with them as much as we want. 
Few days before Christmas they gave us their present - the hoover made them run upstairs and they spent all afternoon together on one window sill. One. Together. Now Christmas is over and they hate each other again.

Let's love our enemies (not only on Christmas)!

Monday, 19 December 2011

Ptáčci / Birds

The Christmas is here in less than a week and there's no snow so far! Which is good for drivers, walkers, street charity fundraisers, smokers and housekeepers, but what about the Christmas atmosphere? Let's hope it will snow this week! And if you, up there, worry about the birds - hey, we are taking good care of them!

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Něco staršího, co jsem si vyhrabala k narozeninám! / Some of my older stuff for my B-day!

Tady někde se narodil Kutloch... / Somewhere here Kutloch was born

I am another year older and yesterday there were far too many drinks.
It is time to recollect now:

1. I took my friend for a concert – to a wrong club.

2. But first we've paid to get inside  –  I had to use all of my girly weapons to make that mafioso guy at the door give us the money back.

3. Then they didn't let us into the bar where the concert actually was  –  we were late and it was overcrowded. We didn't fight. Half of my b-day glitter has left me.

4. Then we were walking the city for nearly two hours, trying to find a place to sip on something. In the end I would be happy with just a little bench next to the loos. All of my b-day glitter was gone. During this lovely December walk we've passed the original club twice, the guy still at the doors  –  obviously I've lied to him when I said before: "We are supposed to be at another concert, I'm on the guest list there!". We were little bit scared.

5. I got to the point when I said: "If you want to become the mayor of this city, just give to the Brno born people the privilege of a warranted place in a pub on Friday nights. All those students and newcomers should just bow and give up their seats when we, the blood of this city, come in!" My friend gave me a strange look and started to talk about her pacifistic voluntary work.

6. After visiting what felt like 50 bars, pubs and wine bars, we finally sat down. Into a large, red leather sofa in some basement beer pub. We ordered non-filtered beer and everyone there was looking at us in a peculiar way. Then we ordered one burger together. They started to talk about us. Then another beer and we stopped caring so I will never know what those looks and talks have meant. Then another bar and some cocktails and a cab back home and here we are, one year older.

And since I am recollecting, here are some of my older drawings!

Garlic Spread for Butchers (really, just the tough guys can handle this spread)

                           Hovínko / Poo                                                      Zase rybka / The fish again

                                          Janička                                                      Meteo stanice / Meteo station

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Tvořiví ptáci a další skici / Creative Birds and other sketches

Tvořiví ptáci v Hyde Parku. / Creative birds in Hyde Park.

Winsor and Newton

Mourek, e-kniha, Jumping Cavia, den v casettě. 
/ Mourek cat, e-book, Jumping Cavia, a day in casetta.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Embéčkem kolem světa / Around the World in Škoda 1000 MB

Díky Michalu Vičarovi, že se vydal na cesty a napsal o tom knížku. Díky Nakladatelství JOTA, že ji vydalo, a díky embéčku Julii, že cestu přežilo a dovezlo kluky v pořádku nazpět. Mám obrovskou radost, že jsem se k nim mohla v obrázcích připojit.
Many thanks to Michal Vičar for going around the World and writing a book about it. Many thanks to JOTA Publishing House for publishing the book and thanks also to Julie, the veteran car Škoda 1000 MB, for surviving the journey and bringing the travellers safe back home. I am very happy that I could have joined them through my drawings.

Embéčkem kolem světa, Michal Vičar, Nakladatelství JOTA, 2011

© Nakladatelství JOTA, s.r.o.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Pro Pozitivky a Czechfolks Plus

Nějaké starší i novější věci, včetně mé oblíbené velryby.
/ Some older stuff including my favourite whale.

Tajemná krasavice...
/ Mysterious beauty...

...líbačka pod kolonádou...
/ ...kisses under colonnade...

...a taťka velrybák, konečně na chvíli sám se svým časopisem.
/ ... and papa Whale, finally having his quiet moment with a magazine.