Sunday, 5 February 2012

Map of Hájenka

I draw this map of Hájenka and its closest surroundings for 

Hájenka - gamekeeper's house built in 1913 with stone facade, no electricity and rich wild life - is my most favourite place in the World. You can enjoy stars watching there, night sessions in sauna, few enjoyable minutes of playing badminton and many more not so enjoyable hours of trying the get the silly little shuttlecock down from a tree. You can sit outside at a fire and sing or tell creepy stories (which are much more creepy here). Someone might miss the computer, television, electric light or shower here, but that is the magic of the place.  Everything here is just up to you. 

In my imagination there will come a time when the World as we know it now will change. And in my very infantile imagination I can see myself and my family living at Hájenka, feeding ourselves from the garden and forest and reading from the old Marxist-Leninist books we have there (well, this part is open to a discussion). And regarding the feeding - I will know where to go for the gold of the forest, the crunchy, shiny, rich and juicy mushrooms. And now you know too.

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