Monday, 19 March 2012


I don't have time to draw!
Wait, that's not right.
I do have time to draw. It is that time which should be used for writing the thesis.
Why do I have the time?
Because I am NOT writing the thesis!
Why? Because it is painful to start and because I do everything just five to twelve and because I am born to procrastinate. (Reading for one hour about plastic surgeries of celebrities could be considered as procrastination, no? Or is it just pure laziness and mental incontinence?)

My cat just vomited on my bed. I am sure he did that to empty my "barrel of thesis time" a bit more just to make me feel even less comfortable, so later I would caress him more to feel better. Cha!

But I've found one activity which, though being part of the lovely procrastination family, is really useful and makes you feel less disgusted with yourself. It is gardening. You work for the mother planet, the local ecosystem, your family and neighbours, your body and mind in both short and long term (the asparagus you took care of will detox you and make you feel better during the month when you will be dealing with your current lack of responsibility when it comes to thesis). You sunbath, breath fresh air, stretch those muscles and learn something new about your, during the winter time forgotten, insect phobia.

Blame it on the gardening. Try. Maybe right tomorrow, on the first day of Spring! And if you need to cheer up, read this.



  1. thanks for being nice about grow up
    i've been looking at your blog
    i like your drawings lots

    1. Ben, thank you! I still feel the book with me, around me, which is quite special I think. Thank u for that.