Tuesday, 20 March 2012


There are so many fun facts about ploštice - heteroptera! For example, Wikipedia says that in English they are often called "true bugs" or "typical bugs". By the way, this is fun fact No. 4. The three previous ones are:
1. There are 4000 different types of bugs in the heteroptera group. Only 900 of them live in the Czech Republic.
2. Both pondskaters (vodoměrky) and waterscorpions (splešťule) can be found in this group. They live in water. The danger is everywhere.
3. Bugs of heteroptera group are cosmopolitan! That means you can meet them in New York, Brno, or Milan, where they are dressed specially well.

Bring me snakes, spiders, very ugly kittens - I will not run away. But facing ploštice, mainly that ones of the shape below, is extremely scary for me. I suffer from heteropterophobia. And I don't care it might not be a clasified  disease. I will fight it anyway.


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