Monday, 9 January 2012


G. told me he doesn't like the colours of the nail polishes I am usually using. And neither those of my sister. We love pink, often quite strange tones of it (like fuchsia or that crazy luminescent 90's leggings pink), while he prefers the French manicure, the classical carmine red or... or (quite shockingly!): "And why don't you put there some pictures, like little flowers here or there, little glass stones..."

Darling, I will never use those little prefabricated pictures unless they are made by Vendula Chalánková. Because from them it is just a little step to artificial nails and toupées.

But because my point finger on the left hand still looks and feels like a creepy zombie's finger after two unsuccessful burials (due to my flight over the stairs), I treated it and another two with some little drawings. Mine, at least for now. Now I just need to figure out how to draw them on the right hand nails... Happy day to all pinkies!

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