Monday, 16 January 2012

A girl who played with a pencil

There was a girl with a very special power. What she drew became real. She drew a plate full of cookies and the plate appeared on her table. She drew ten cute kittens and suddenly the room was filled with meows and mňaus. She drew a perfect prince for herself, and guess who knocked on the doors? 

But her teeth got rotten because she never went to brush them after she ate the sweets in her bed. And her room smelled as a squat because she wasn't able to take care of all the cats. And the perfect prince was a man as transparent and erasable as the paper and pencil that made him come alive. 

Could she draw white and shining teeth? Could she draw a tidy room with no sign of a cat poo? Could she draw a man with a real human heart? She couldn't. Because you can never easily erase your mistakes as you do when you draw with pencil, as life is always drawing with a solid ink, wax pastels, aquarelles or oils, depending on the situation. But rarely with a pencil.

She could though draw a tooth brush, ten packets of Catsan plus cat toilet boxes and a lovely dress that she would sport at lovely days when all the princes are out hunting, hoping her future man would find her on his ways. 

A very close person of a friend of mine is seriously ill and I believe she will get better. I don't have any special power but I hope that every prayer, even the drawn one, counts...

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