Saturday, 21 January 2012

Goblin of Prague

Sometimes the talks with my boyfriend are so inspiring. Like when we talk about faith or moral standards.
Sometimes they make me angry. Like when we talk about herbal medicine.
Sometimes they make my cry while smiling. Like when we talk about our dreams for future.
And sometimes... sometimes they make me laugh to death...

G: You can draw that mysterious goblin of Praha.
Z: Co? Do u mean Golem?
G: Ah, yes, Golem.


Z: ...and there is the famous Czech film festival in Karlovy Vary.
G: Ah. Where is it?
Z: In west Bohemia. It is a spa city.
G: Hm. And why does it have an Italian name?
Z: ???
G: You said it is called Carlo Vivari.
Z: ...

And just a little doodle for today...

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