Wednesday, 28 December 2011


PROUDLY I say that I am 29 and I play with LEGO. Well, I played two days ago for the first time after something like fifteen years, but anyway. Me and my sister - instead of doing something grown up and meaningful - found a box with our old Lego and spent all evening building houses. 

Mine was perfect - there was a tiny but nice flat with a bedroom, toilet and a kitchen. There were two other parts of the house - a private neurological office for G. and a big studio with huge French windows for me. And a garden with flowers, trees, a table with a parasol and two street lamps with a fence. Everything in red and white with blue accents.

Then there was the indescribable house of my sister. Two storey duck-looking something in all colours our Lego set can offer with an outside bar, palm trees and a horse. On a beach. There was also a parrot. And a cook and a woman without head happily drinking one cocktail after another. 

And then it happened. I asked Šuna if she would like to make a photo story in our wonderful setting. She said she would. After more than one hour of photo shoot I took the reins and finished the story. Now we just need to sit down and put it all together. All I can say is that it is inspired by Dexter and all the crime films and novels we have ever met. It is a brutal, tragic, romantic and completely predictable story of a murder (well, not just one). I can't wait to work on it!

The killer struck... Does this hand belong to Šuna?

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